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19 November 2021 @ 04:56 pm
baby, my heart beats for you.
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uhm, so I just do a bit of writing ♥
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Paradise - A Yunho/Jaejoong Fanfiction; DOS! Verse.
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Author Introduction/Disclaimer :
Descendants of the Sun Verse - you have been warned, this is pretty much adapting the plot to fit a Yunjae (+DB5K) storyline. So, I just finished watching DOS after hearing so much hype about it, and oh my I absolutely adored it (and joon ki). The characters were all so endearing, and as unrealistic as the storyline and Yoo Si Jin were, it is the absolute perfect fairytale - so why not put a Yunjae spin on it?

So yes, this is a pretty much shameless adaptation of the DOS plot, with some tweaks and adaptations, but it is in no way quite original at all. I'm thinking this might be slightly challenging to write because of the fight scenes, army and medical jargon. I'm in no way quite experienced in either field, and will be using google to get through (to the best of my abilities), so be kind, take it with a pinch of salt and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.

Jung Yunho, Captain with the Korean Special Elite Forces meets Cardiologist Kim Jaejoong one day through a set of strange circumstances. It is attraction at first meeting, but things don't work out quite as Yunho would have liked due to the circumstances of his occupation. However, fate always seems to have a funny way of dealing with things and Jaejoong ends up dispatched as a hospital volunteer to Urk where Yunho and his team are currently on a sort of 'sabbatical mission'. Sparks fly, and they find themselves in a strange array of situations.

Character Biographies:
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11 May 2020 @ 06:14 pm
Title: Fated To Love You?
Author: oh_thexirony
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Crack, AU
Length: Chaptered;
Pairing(s): YunhoxJaejoong (mainly) , a side of YoochunxJunsu, KibumxChangmin
Overall Rating : PG - R (will be warned of rating in every individual chapter)
Rating for This Chapter: -
Warning(s) for This Chapter: -



**I think the character bios will be of help! ^^

Kim Jaejoong is Korea's most eligible bachelor, at 26, he is already the CEO, who owns, Korea's Top Banking and Finance Corporation. He is charismatic, polite, handsome, with wealth, status, and power, everything anyone could want. Yet, Jaejoong is still single, he is polite to a fault, the perfect gentleman to all the ladies around him, but he doesn't seem interested in any relationship anytime soon. No one but a few really know the the true reason behind the charismatic workaholic's adversion to relationships.

Jung Yunho, the heir to the Jung fortune and also to Korea's Top Notch Law Firm returns from America along with his daughter after a 7 years to take over from his father. HIs wife has just left him, and he is newly single. Although he appears warm, charming and ever smiling on the outside, no one really knows how battered he is on the inside. He has been damaged so much, that he think his own heart has been frozen and dead cold. Yet, his return to Korea for a fresh start is tainted by the bout of trouble he brings along with him, as he confronts a huge portion from his past that comes rolling back into his life.


Just when Kim Jaejoong thought his emotion's from past events were starting to settle, and the pain was starting to ebb away, Jung Yunho comes trooping back into his life, his future, which was supposed to be Yunho-free and all Jaejoong's. A fresh wave of anguish, hate, and pain come flowing back in as the ever-smiling, seemingly nonchalant lawyer starts to be threaded into his daily routines.

Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho are soon forced to work together, under unavoidable circumstances, and little does everyone know, just how much catastrophe they have unlocked.

How would everything play out after such? It is uncertain, but what is known for sure is that the situation can only go two ways, either down the 'good' path, or the 'bad'.


Character Bios
Assembly Line
Prologue : The Pain of 6 Years Ago
Chapter 1 : Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 2 [ Part 1 ] : Karma
Chapter 2 [ Part 2 ] : Revenge For 6 Years in 6 Minutes
Chapter 3 : A Trip To The Hospital & A Blast From The Past
Chapter 4 [ Part 1 ] : Yunho, Yunho, Yunho
Chapter 4 [ Part 2] : First Meeting
Chapter 5 : Google, Your Best Friend
Chapter 6 [ Part 1 ] : Brilliant Idea - Yeah, Sure
Chapter 6 [ Part 2 ] : Two Missed Calls
Chapter 7 : Scotch On The Rocks
Chapter 8 [ Part 1 ] : The Morning Changmin Will Never Forget
Chapter 8 [ Part 2 ] : Chaos
Chapter 9 : Reality & Disbelief
Chapter 10 [ Part1 ] : Elevator Malfunction & A Turn Of Events
Chapter 10 [ Part 2 ] : Reasons & The Unexpected
Chapter 11 : Whatever it Takes, This is Just the Start
Chapter 12 : Lights, Camera, Action
Chapter 13: Coincidence Is a Bitch
Chapter 14: From Incheon to JFK
Chapter 15: Play up the Diva
Chapter 16: Allergies, Warm Milk and Things that Never Change
Chapter 17: It just had to be this

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11 May 2020 @ 12:02 pm
Title : Crazy Love
Author : oh_thexirony ; Hae Jung
Genre : AU, Drama, Crack, Romance, Fluff
Length : Chaptered ;
Pairing (s) : YunhoxJaejoong (mainly), YoochunxJunsu
Overall Rating : PG - NC-17/R (later chapters)
Rating For This Chapter : -
Warning (s) - for overall fic : Contains X-Dressing Content, playboy!Jae (does not hold typical over girly personalized Jae): Drugs, Alcohol, Womanizer Behaviour.

Character Biographies
Chapter 1 - Oh Yes We Do
Chapter 2 - Makeup & Skirts
Chapter 3 - One Americano and Permanent Hair Removal
Chapter 4 - As Hairless As A Naked Mole Rat


So Basically ;

Jung Yunho, son to Jung Dae Ho and Lee Jae Hwa, returns to Seoul from America after spending almost his whole life there. His slightly dictatorial Grandfather - Jung Hyun Shik, founder to the global Jung hotel chain orders him to get married. To whom? The so-called 'little daughter with the soulful eyes' of the Kim family he seems to remember. However, the Kim family has zero one daughters and two one sons.

The previously influential well-to-do Kim family might soon loose their status, because of Kim Yong Sook's stupidly clever acts. So, before anyone finds out, its so timely that the Jung family comes forth with a proposal. The three insane members of the Kim family in Seoul (namely : Kim Jaejoong and his parents ; Kim Yong Sook and Soon Ara ) devise a plan to get their non-existent daughter Kim Jin Ae (aka Kim Jaejoong) married off to Jung Yunho, because marriage has a price tag - 25 % stakes in the Jung buisness.

No one finds out, somehow and the wedding goes on.

Adding fuel to fire would be Kim Junsu's ( youngest son to the Kims) return, and the previously undiscovered sexual tension between him and Park Yoochun ( Kim Jaejoong's best friend). Not to mention, Kim Junsu's high adversion to homosexual relationships.

But, how could we forget - Shim Changmin, cousin to Jung Yunho, who is only more than obliging to indulge in the whole spectacle, and not to mention, is more than willing to be lead astray by Kim Jaejoong.
Oh no - just what have they done?
Crazy Love ♥

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10 May 2020 @ 10:02 pm
Love for Money [Chaos]
'WHAT? Your contract boyfriend?!'

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Jung Yunho is sick of following rules. He is sick of trying to be the ideal son to his parents, it is all he has done his whole life, and frankly he has had enough. Cue the entry of Kim Jaejoong who literally stumbles into Yunho one night on the streets, completely drunk and senseless. They get into a tussle, and all that is left behind after Jaejoong's departure which is as sudden as his appearance is a card, a student ID card of the Seoul National University. Yunho looks for Jaejoong the next day to return the card and comes to realize the boy is in trying circumstances. His brain cells move into action and an idea of sorts comes to mind. They draw up a contract, an act for money and Jaejoong becomes Yunho's pretend boyfriend, a contract boyfriend to help piss Yunho's family off and to stop the countless matchmaking sessions Yunho is forced to attend. However, with Jaejoong's colorful past sprinkled with different girls at every nook and corner along with the suspicions of Jaejoong's two roommates Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin and the curious Kim Junsu friend of Jung Yunho - their act has to be flawless for them to be believed. Flawless, realistic.
Two straight males pretending to be gay, one love contract - just what will happen?
Chapter 2 - First Kiss
oh_thexirony ;
Paradise - Character Biographies

[Icons: intomyshadow and fandomlust]

Jung Yunho / 32 years old / Captain, Korean Special Elite Forces

Son to a retired Major and housewife, Yunho had a relatively peaceful childhood. Smart, witty, and with an easygoing personality, he can be quite the charmer. Yunho has never been one to take things too seriously, even in the face of danger, aside from his missions. He is good at what he does, his talent evident from his time in the military academy, where he graduated first in his class. Intelligent and atheletic, he decided to forgo a more traditional career path and follow in his father's footsteps. Pegged to climb steadily up the ranks in the, the only thing standing between the way would be Yunho's persistent need to do the honorable, and right thing vs the number one rule of being a soldier - commands are your life.

dosjj jjdos)HUONGLE
[icons: huongle]

Kim Jaejoong / 30 years old / Cardiothoracic Specialist Han Sung Hospital

Having graduated one of the top in his class, Kim Jaejoong is ruthless when it comes to academics and his career. Managing to become a specialist just over a year ago, when most of his peers are still struggling through, Jaejoong is currently gunning for a place as a Professor in his hospital. Jaejoong spends most of his time in ths hospital, when he isn't home. Jaejoong is ambitious, and a go-getter. With most of his close friends working alongside him in the hospital, or in other hospitals, Jaejoong doesn't get out that often, and while he has been on a many few dates, he has never had a serious relationship. His personality is one that is brutally honest, which means Jaejoong takes no nonsense from anyone. He isn't boastful but doesn't shy away from compliments regarding his work or himself when he deems them rightful - in other words, Jaejoong will call you out if you don't meet his standards in any way.

 [icons: xiahtastic and fandomlust]

Park Yoochun/ 30 years old/ Sergeant First Class, Korean Special Elite Forces

With only a GED qualification, Yoochun is an excellent soldier but has risen as far as he can within the ranks because of his education background. He used to be involved in a gang, but managed to escape that life by joining the armed forces where he earned the title of 'Hell Officer' before joining the Special Elite Forces. All who have been through his gruelling physical training sessions will never forget him. A stoic character, Yoochun takes a while to warm up to new people. But to people who have known him a while, Yoochun is hilarious, in a sarcastic, straight faced kind of way. He is however, rather sensitive and soft hearted beneath his contrasting exterior - which makes him sometimes unsure of how to express himself.

[icons: fandomlust]

Kim Junsu / 30 years old/ Accident and Emergency Medicine Han Sun Hospital
Yoochun comes from a family of doctors - not quite sure of what he wants to specialise in yet, Junsu has been sticking around the Accident and Emergency Department of the hospital. Junsu is much more laid back in terms of his career than his best friend Jaejoong is, but truth to be told he isn't too bad at what he does. Always up for a good time, Junsu is often the life of the party. Having been privileged for most of his life, it sometimes shows - despite it not being his intention most of the time.

[icons: miraclerush and fandomlust]

Shim Changmin / 19 years old / Private, Korean Special Elite Forces

Changmin joined the force as a private rather recently after a strange encounter with Yunho and Yoochun. The benefit of youth on his side, Changmin often speaks his mind, is snarky and rather cheeky at times. He is good at cooking, and to some extent has a rather naive air around him.
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02 October 2015 @ 01:23 pm



I like to believe they still meet/talk in secret. But thats something we will never know, but this THIS IS REAL.

oh_thexirony ;
Title: Love for Money [Chaos]
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Humor, Fluff
Length: Chaptered; Chapter 2 - First Kiss
Pairing(s): Yunho/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Junsu, Changmin/OC
Overall Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Rating for this Chapter: PG-13
Warning(s) for this Chapter: -

Summary: Jung Yunho is sick of following rules. He is sick of trying to be the ideal son to his parents, it is all he has done his whole life, and frankly he has had enough. Cue the entry of Kim Jaejoong who literally stumbles into Yunho one night on the streets, completely drunk and senseless. They get into a tussle, and all that is left behind after Jaejoong's departure which is as sudden as his appearance is a card, a student ID card of the Seoul National University. Yunho looks for Jaejoong the next day to return the card and comes to realize the boy is in trying circumstances. His brain cells move into action and an idea of sorts comes to mind. They draw up a contract, an act for money and Jaejoong becomes Yunho's pretend boyfriend, a contract boyfriend to help piss Yunho's family off and to stop the countless matchmaking sessions Yunho is forced to attend. However, with Jaejoong's colorful past sprinkled with different girls at every nook and corner along with the suspicions of Jaejoong's two roommates Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin and the curious Kim Junsu friend of Jung Yunho - their act has to be flawless for them to be believed. Flawless, realistic. Two straight males pretending to be gay, one love contract - just what will happen?

A/N: I know this whole thing seems a bit ridiculous, and everyone is going on with it too easily OTL but all I can say is, its fanfiction guys ^^; Anyway, I'm not entirely sure of the whole direction of this fic even, because I just let my thoughts and muses take me along as we go, so we shall see. Anyway, I love reading comments guys so don't be shy

"Who the fuck are you?"

The words tumbled out of Jaejoong's mouth, a strongly worded statement, but not one that was malicious. It wasn't polite, polite would have been a simple 'excuse me?', but in Jaejoong's case it wasn't intended to be rude either. It really just was a side effect of being Jaejoong. His mother had often attributed his lack of a brain-mouth filter and tendency to just let his thoughts fall from his mind to the fact that he was her youngest child who while bullied and coerced into a fair bit when younger, was loved and fussed over (being the baby boy who could do no wrong) in equal amounts by his brood of sisters.

"You don't remember?"

Yunho raised a brow ever so slightly, not in offence but rather surprise as he profferedx his hand to the other man, student card still flipping its way lazily in between his fingers. Angling his head ever so slightly so that his bruised jaw was in plain sight to Jaejoong, Yunho stopped flipping the card opting instead to grasp it lightly between his fingers.


Jaejoong's head was moving remarkably slowly, the space between his brows furrowing downwards as he stuck a hand out against the door frame. The man was holding his student card? Nose wrinkling slightly in confusion, he bit down on his bottom lip as his gaze flickered from his student card, to the bruise. What in gods name had any of this and the handsome, slightly familiar stranger staring at the door had to do with him?


"You punched me."

Yunho straighted his head from the tilt it was at a second ago. His voice, was not accusatory, nor angry, it was a statement - one punctuated by the slightest hint of amusement as he watched the boy's expression flicker from confusion, to being taken aback, to slight horror, before settling back onto confusion.

"Did you steal from me?" Brow still furrowed in confusion.

"No.." Yunho hid a smile with a slight shake of his head - how the conversation had ended up here, he had no idea.

"But you have my student card."

"You dropped it."

"I dropped it?"



"On the street."

"Why were we on the street?"

"You were drunk."


"And bloody."


"You got your blood on my clothing." The slightly taller of the two nodded as he offered the statement, his tone blunt and very matter of fact. It was somewhat a habit of his, no perhaps a quirk was a better description. It was something he had done since he started forming sentences - not to be rude of course, Jung Yunho was never rude - but rather fact-stating, something that was rather reflective of his mundane life perhaps. Straightforwardness (somewhat tactless), that his family name and all it meant along with his disarmingly good looks allowed him to get away with.

"Do you always speak like that?" Mouth twisting into a slight scowl, Jaejoong moved a hand to rub the back of his head. Being drunk was not something new, but blood? What did blood have to do with any of this? Although it would have explained the ache along the side of his face and the bruise he was sure was settling along the skin of his knuckles, and back.

"Excuse me?" Yunho blinked a few times, not entirely understanding the boy before him - what was wrong with the way he was speaking? He was ennunciating, speech perfect, what was wrong with the way he was speaking? His question met on deaf ears as Jaejoong's face morphed, from a scowl, to a horrified expression, before his jaw arriving at its destination of realisation, falling open revealing the shorter man's tonsils to just about the whole of China.


"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, fuck, fuck, fuck." Jaejoog hissed as he pulled both his hands to his face, palms against each cheek, dragging the skin downwards as his gaze fixed on the stranger standing at his door.


Turning on his heel, headache and bodily pains forgotten as the memories of last night, the smoke, the poker room, the man and his thugs came rushing back to him, Jaejoong darted into his bedroom. Flinging himself into the pile of (alcohol stained) clothes he had stripped himself off a while ago, he pulled his phone from the pocket of his jeans before sitting back on his haunches.

His fingers flying over the screen of the handheld device, Jaejoong launched the mobile banking app, almost wailing in frustration as he punched in his password.

Your Balance: ₩ 8,956

"FUCK." Screaming, and sounding strangely like a mix of a distressed girl and tramautised child, Jaejoong dropped the phone onto the floor. This had to be the worst day of his life.


It wasn't good manners to step into someone's apartment when you hadn't been invited in, but Yunho had chosen to ignore the rule book of good manners as he watched the man, sluggish almost a moment ago turn into a bullet, hurtling his way back into the home. If the state he had found Jaejoong in the previous night was any indication, whatever happened before Yunho came along could not have been fantastic. As he slipped the student card back into the pocket of his jeans, Yunho shut the door behind him as he slipped his feet out from his shoes. It was highly uncharacteristic of him, to even enter this stranger's apartment and wander down the hallway the man had thrown himself towards, but he didn't see any other way - Jaejoong was clearly tramautised.

His gaze running swiftly over the living area and small dining area, Yunho noted that the apartment was clean and well, alarmingly neat. Yunho had never come across such a neat student apartment - the one he had shared with Junsu and Junho had been clean, but somehow or another the three men had learned to live within an organised mess. Even his current two bedroom wasn't this neat, and that was saying a lot because Yunho had a cleaning lady who came in weekly. The apartment wasn't lavishly furnished, but it was homely, and fashioned in good taste.

Making his way down the short hallway to the room at the end, the door of which looked as if it had been thrown open in a violent hurry, Yunho cleared his throat as he peered inside, head crossing the threshold before the rest of his body.


Yunho frowned as he addressed the man who he found sitting on his haunches, in front of a pile of crumpled clothes, his hands grasping either side of his face. Ever polite, Yunho had added the honorific, he had contemplated adding the man's surname as well, but dropped it after a quick logical deduction that Jaejoong was in his 3rd year, and possibly just a year younger than Yunho.

"I've lost it all."

Looking up at the sound of his name - his brain barely registering the fact that he did not know the name of the man before him, and that this stranger knew full well who he was, and was currently standing at the door of his bedroom, Jaejoong breathed out his voice caught in between a plea and a whine.

"Lost it all?"

Echoing the words of te undergraduate, Yunho felt his brow burrow deeper. He was not following any of this - in fact, by the looks of things, everything was just spiraling even more out of control.


Jaejoong nodded as he started to rock back and forth on his haunches, his form resembling that of a traumatised child as his lip begun to quiver into a twisted pout. He wasn't entirely sure how to react right now, he was in fucking deep shit, that he knew, the ramifications of what he had done flowing through his brain at warp speed. But yet, he couldn't seem to entirely wrap his head around the gravity of the situation at hand. He had just squandered away a substantial amount of money his aging parents, and older sisters (each struggling with families of his own) had thrown together for him to cover his school fees, accomodation, and living expense for the rest of the school year. It wouldn't have been so bad if he was in his final month of school - that he could still deal with, scrimping, saving and living like an outright pauper would have got him through, but this was barely the start of the year. All he had left in his bank account could buy him barely a meal - and that was if he was skint. Seoul wasn't Gongju, and like it or not, even if you knew where to go and shop - city living was not cheap.


Yunho was not good at situations of this kind at all. The boy could mingle and make his rounds around a crowded ballroom, charming each and every individual if he needed to. He could dance the waltz, pair wines with incredible ease and would have never missed a beat talking shop with businessmen years older than he was - but throw one Kim Jaejoong at him and he was clueless.

He knew that when people cried, you comforted them, same as when they were distressed - that was textbook, and Jaejoong right of now fit the description of distressed. But Yunho had never had to deal very much with emotions. You see, it wasn't that Yunho was emotionless, he wasn't. He felt joy while playing soccer with Junsu, energized when he was sparring on a mat, but Yunho had never really had to deal with anyone as well expressive as Jaejoong. Up till now, Yunho's life had been serene, rather peaceful in fact. Having grown up running around in the circles his mother thought befitting of her only son and heir, Yunho hardly had the chance to make any close friends. It had always been more about mingling with people like him, who were worthy of the Jung name - and those people Yunho had observed at a young age were all the same. They were much more interested in who he was than they were in him. It didn't sit well with Yunho, and while he did what he had to, he had friends, many of them - but no one he ever really counted as one. In fact, Junsu, and later Junho were the only two that Yunho would really count as friends - he had been lucky to meet them, the first people who really did not care that he was Jung Yunho, but liked him because he was well, Yunho. Yet even then, Junsu and Junho had been so amicable and easy going. Thinking back, Yunho really had never seen the man worked up in all the years he had known him.

Choosing instead to channeling his loneliness into reading, sports and his studies - it was no wonder that he had been a genius in the classroom and a legend on the sporting fields from a young age. It wasn't that he was a wunderkind - sure, Yunho was intelligent, but it was rather the result of being a very lonely child.

Of course, there was his sister, Jung Sulli - the complete opposite of her somewhat stoic brother. Yunho loved her dearly, and fiercely, and he thanked the heavens daily for her. Sulli had come along four years after Yunho, and she was his angel, injecting life into the household and bringing her older brother much joy. She was wild, somewhat like Jaejoong it seemed, having learnt how to mouth off her overbearing parents at a young ago, disobeying them freely, preferring her freedom to anything else in the world. Any emotion or expressiveness that Yunho had, she always managed to bring out. But it was precisely her boisterous nature that had caused her parents to ship her away to England for college, hoping that a strict disciplinarian in an all girls boarding school that catered to only the best families would knock some of the wind from her. To them, she was not presentable to society.

"Can... can I help?"

He wasnt afraid, but rather more unsure of how to react, or what to say. Sliding down to sit cross legged on the floor beside the undergraduate, Yunho reached out awkwardly as he opted for lightly tapping the boy's still bare upper back in what he thought were comforting pats. Something Jaejoong would have raised a brow at and rolled about mocking him for had he not been so distraught.

"Can you?"

A quirk of his brow as he released the sides os his face, Jaejoong popped his head up as he stared at Yunho - the panic was slowly fading from his brain as a series of staccato like taps from a warm hand moved along his back. It was strange, and slightly awkward, but in the moment Jaejoong appreciated the human contact that slid (unsure) along the skin of his upper back from the stranger before him.

"You would have to tell me how."

"I lost all the cash I had for this year in a poker game last night."

Picking up the device which he had dropped a moment ago, Jaejoong pressed down on the phone, bringing the screen to light as he offered the stranger sitting beside him a view of his account balance sheet, his available balance, and the withdrawal he had made the night before in plain sight. Running a hand through hair that was still damp from the shower, Jaejoong shuddered slightly, as if suddenly remembering he was still shirtless. Mouth falling slightly open as he sighed, his normally wide eyes drooping to form half lidded moons, as he hung his head slightly, Jaejoong let a guttural sound fall from his throat in frustration.

"Must have been one hell of a poker game."

Another observation as Yunho glanced at the numbers on the screen. The boy was used to money, in fact his family probably did own more than half of Asia alone, but money was something that Yunho respected - something he knew the value of. It was something that his grandfather, the man that had single handedly built up the Jung empire had made sure he was aware of at a young age - just because he was fortunate, didn't mean he could waste. Gambling was not something Yunho would engage in.

Turning his eyes up to the man beside him as Yunho let his hand slip from his back, he was confronted with the thought that had jumped into his head the night before as Jaejoong sighed. The boy was quite a sight to behold - fair skin, large expressive eyes, plush ruby lips and features that were as delicate as they were strong, it was the fact that he was shirtless - and very evidently a male, coupled with the deep low groan he had let out that Yunho remebered he was not a girl. Of course, Yunho had the subtle ache along his jaw to remind him.

Jaejoong was something Yunho would never be - a free spirit, someone who lived in the moment and would have stories to tell about it. He was expressive, loud, and very much himself as Yunho had deduced from their short encounters. The boy evidently didn't have a brain-mouth filter, and saw no need to guard his words, or over think every step of his life. He was unrestrained, judging from the string of english words Yunho couldn't quite make out, but had noticed scrawled across the man's right shoulder blade, and the piercings along his ears, the barbell embedded in his right nipple, and glint of a stud in his belly were anything to go by. In short, he seemed to live on the flipside of the universe Yunho was brought up in- and the graduate couldn't help but allow a smile to ghost his lips as he thought of his mother in her jewelled finery standing beside the man.

His mother.

Eyes widening slightly as the conversation from the night before echoed in his head, Yunho looked at the man he was sitting beside, his gaze slightly glazed over as the wheels in his mind spun, laced with equal amounts of frustration and anger at the woman who was his mother. It wasn't a plan he would usually think of, not even an idea that would pop into his head - something more up his sister's alley, but if the events of the past 24 hours were anything to go by, Yunho was throwing caution to the wind. He was sick of it all - sick of being the prefect son, sick of always having to be in line, sick of being pushed around, of being expected to comply by people who just knew that he would. He needed to show his mother, show the world that he could do damn well whatever he pleased.

"I'll replace it," Yunho paused, his gaze meeting soulful eyes that stared back at him, hopeful, puzzled, curious and yet in disbelief. "If you be my boyfriend."

"I'm not a prostitute!"

Jaejoong spluttered as the man calmly dished out his proposal. This entire situation was bizzare - who was this man even, he was a handsome stranger no doubt - and didn't look like he was homeless or crazy, but this was starting to sound like an offer to be someones sex slave. Jaejoong was desperate enough to find a way to reinstate his bank account, and he wasn't one to shy away from adventure or danger, but he wasn't too keen on going that far just yet. Why was this man sitting calmly in the middle of his room, how did he even know his name, or have his student card?

Springing to his feet in a swift motion, his aches and pains forgotten, Jaejoong stalked over to his closet. Pulling the door open violently, he grabbed the first shirt he saw and sutffed himself frantically into it. He wasn't shy about show skin - he had a rather decent body, even if he said so himself, but he decided this was a conversation and situation that needed him to be clothed.

"I know you aren't, let me make things clearer - I meant my fake boyfriend," Yunho looked up at at the man who was now standing in front of him, arms crossed over a tshirt clad torso, before adding as an afterthought.  "I'm straight."

"Then why the hell do you need a fake boyfriend for?"

Eyebrows raised as he cocked his head to a side, Jaejoong looked down at the man. So he didn't want to make Jaejoong a sex slave and chain him up in a dungeon, nor did he seem to think he was a prostitute.

"To piss my mother off."

A simple statement as Yunho unfolded himself gracefully from his sitting position and rose to his feet.


"So, let me get this straight," Jaejoong paused as he took a sip of his second cup of coffee. "You are straight, never had a serious girlfriend before, and now you want me to pretend to be your fake boyfriend in exchange for payment, of the amount of money I lost in poker last night."

"Correct." Yunho nodded from across the table. Somehow, admist their conversation and his proposal to Jaejoong, they had ended in the dining area, Jaejoong with a cup of strong black coffee and Yunho having declined any offers of a drink from the suspicious man. They could have full well continued their conversation in Jaejoong's room, but Yunho had a feeling that the man and his exclamation of 'I'm not a prostitute' had something to do with their change of venue.

"All this to piss your overbearing mother off, possibly cause a heart attack if anything you've said stands true, and to show her that you aren't going to live in her shadow and listen to her anymore, and that you are your own person yada, yada, yada, basically to make a statement?"

"I don't wish a heart attack on her, but that is correct."

"And you decided on me, a very straight male like yourself, because you just know that she will hate me."

"Not hate you, you and her are just a juxtaposition of each other."

"Whatever, same difference." Jaejoong waved a hand dismissively.

"Like the oxymoron you just used."

"Seriously rich boy, what are you."


"Nevermind." Sighing as he emptied the contents of the cup down his throat, Jaejoong eyed the man sitting across from him. He had just received a running commentary about the boy's life, detailed enough, with a recollection of the conversation the boy and his mother had the night before (which meant that the boy was his age - seeing as how he was a first year trainee studying for the bar) that Jaejoong understood why the boy wanted to carry through with this crazy, yet slightly childish plan - but not too detailed that Jaejoong knew just who this boy was yet. He seemed to come from a wealthy family, that Jaejoong had managed to deduce from his short lesson on the boy's life, the fact that paying Jaejoong the sum of money seemed simple, from his dressing - well fitted clothes, vaguely resembling those that Yoochun had in his closet, but safe, typical preppy choices, not reflecting much of a fashion sense, and also from the fact that the boy had beautiful, smooth looking hands that looked like they had never seen a hard days work in his life. "We will need a contract of sorts, just something laying out our obligations and what we've agreed on."

"Agreed, I can draft a simple one, nothing too complex thought, we just started legal drafting at JRTI [*A/N: Judicial Research & Training Institute]." Yunho smiled as Jaejoong pushed forward the idea of a contract, the law student in him speaking.

"Okay, you can start now." Reaching over for the macbook pro that sat out on the dining table beside him, Jaejoong flipped the laptop open, his fingers flying across the keyboard as he unlocked the device. "How long is this going to last for?"

"I haven't thought of that - how about until a reasonable time as we both see fit."

"Vague, is that what they taught you in law school?" Smirking, Jaejoong mocked the man teasingly.

"I went to SNU." Again, a statement, in context and yet at the same time entirely not.

"Seriously, do you always do that?"

"Do what?" Yunho frowned as he lifted his gaze momentarily from the screen, his fingers pausing.

"I'll make you stop just yet, stupid blockhead." Jaejoong grumbled under his breath, before raising his voice to its normal volume, directing his words at the man again. "Termination to occur, effective immediately with notice from either party, subject to each of our discretion?"

"Fair enough."

"What about physical contact?"

"I haven't really thought about that." A frown from Yunho.

"Of course you haven't," Jaejoong scoffed and rolled his eyes while chewing down on his bottom lip. "How about this - limited to physical contact in public, as defined by the normal things couples do, kissing  - on the mouth and otherwise, depending on scenario, but generally nothing with tongue, hand holding, hugging, arms around each other. Have you kissed anyone before?"

"Uh, on the cheek."


Yunho shrugged in response. He had been on countless matchmaking sessions once he had come of age - but the girls there, the ones whom his mother deemed worthy enough for her son, they had never interest him, all being cut from the same cloth, all boring, and replicas of his mother. He had been polite, planting a kiss on their cheeks when he had sent them back, but it had never progressed beyond that. He had never been romantically interested in anyone before in his 22 years - it sounded weird, but no one had ever gotten close enough. He had watched porn before, that was certain, he knew about sex, he wanted his own family one day - but that was as far as it went, bringing his real life experience to a zero.

"What about you?" Yunho questioned back.

"I'm not a modern day miracle like you rich boy," laughing as he winked, Jaejoong grinned, the implications clear.

"Lots of girlfriends before?"


"And you mock me."

"Lots of flings," a pause as Jaejoong smirked before rubbing the back of his neck. "Relationships aren't really my thing."

"How are your friends and housemates going to believe I'm your boyfriend then."

"What, they have to believe it?"


"Why can't we just tell them about our arrangement."

"My mother is... very resourceful," Yunho drawled out slowly, picking his words with care. "I think it be best if no one else knows of this but you and me. So you are going to have to put on your best show and be convincing."

Jaejoong huffed, frown marking his face. He had assumed that Yoochun and Changmin would be in on this - but judging from the care which the man before him had chosen his words, it resembled a warning, one that Jaejoong's gut told him best to heed. It wasn't going to be a walk in the park - not when everyone around him knew he was somewhat of a commitment-phobe, but he was desperate.


"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Snapping at the trainee, the undergraduate met his eyes with a steely gaze.

"I'll transfer you the money by way of two instalments, the first by today after we've signed the agreement, the second upon conclusion of our arrangment." Clearing his throat, unfazed by Jaejoong's gaze, Yunho continued his typing, fingers flying over the keyboard - Jaejoong's gaze was cold he would give the man that. But when you grew up in the Jung household, you weren't so easily fazed by cold stares. "I guess, that gives us a time frame for this to last the academic year."

Yunho mused, as he squinted at the screen before him - it was a logical deduction on his part, after all, the plan was for Jaejoong to have the cash his lost to tide him over the school year. A year was sufficient he supposed to free himself from the clutches of his family, to break free, to do something crazy for once, to be unexpected, to be really looked at and not just seen, to be taken seriously (though in such a strange way) and not just overlooked and passed over with the inner knowledge that Yunho would always toe the line.

"You'll have to come with me to family gatherings, spend a reasonable time with me on so-called dates."

"Fine by me, as long as you pay for these dates. I'm too broke to keep a boyfriend, even a fake one."

"One more thing."


"You can't sleep with anyone else during this period of time."

Jaejoong had understood that, it was a logical deduction on his part, but the gravity of the situation hadn't fully hit him till this very moment. He wasn't really a tramp - it wasn't that he had a different girl in bed every night. Jaejoong really didn't just fall into bed with any random girl, it wasn't how he worked - he had to know and like the girl he slept with, even if it was just a bit. If he didn't like her, he wouldn't sleep with her, it was that simple. Sure he could get himself off, he had hands, but it just wasn't the same. Cursing loudly, the undergraduate sighed as he flipped his fringe away from his eyes - he had gotten himself into this mess, and he would get himself out of it. Though how much less of a mess this entire situation was, he wasn't sure.

"My balls are going to be a lovely fucking shade of blue by the end of this." A wail as he brought his head to rest on the table in front of him with a clunk only to hear a deep, unrestrained laughter bursting forth from the other man. There was something about the laughter, something that told Jaejoong that it was a sound that rarely escaped the man so freely or without thought. His eyes closed, head resting on the cool table, Jaejoong couldn't help but smile. He was entirely certain that most in his position wouldn't be smiling, rather - worry, dread, foreboding, and stress should have been the more appropriate spectrum of emotions - but there was something that tugged at the bottom of Jaejoong's stomach, something that made this entire strange situation they were both in seem alright, something that led his mind to concur that perhaps while this boy helped him out financially, Jaejoong would also be able to help him out.


Plucking the few sheets of crisp white paper from the printer that stood in the corner of the dining area, Yunho seperated them into two sets, of three pages each as he made his way back to the table. The simple document had been drafted, terms agreed on by both men, Jaejoong's bank account details entered and now all that was left for them to do was to sign. It was a basic contract, nothing too fanciful, but in Yunho's opinion it would suffice - Jaejoong didn't seem like the dishonest sort, and while it felt kind of dirty to be paying the man for this, Yunho had reasoned it in his mind that he was helping the boy who would otherwise be left to sink. Which to be honest, wasn't far from the truth. Flipping each set of documents to the last page, Yunho picked up a pen that Jaejoong had produced and pushed across the table at him. There was no need for either men to read over the document again, Jaejoong had made him read out every term in full before they had sent the document to print.

"You know, I realise that after this entire thing and everything that has happened, I still don't know your name." Jaejoong mused as he watched long fingers grasp the pen, making quick work of both documents.

"Yunho." Flipping both sets of documents around along with the pen, the graduate pushed the paper towards Jaejoong.

"Jung Yunho?" Glancing down at the contract that was glaring at him, Jaejoong twisted the pen around his hand as he noted the other man's name staring up at hm beneath his signature. Why did this man's name sound so familiar? Taking a deep breath of air, Jaejoong scribbled his signature down on both sheets, the thought hitting him, mind piecing the small snippets of information together to form a whole.

Yunho. Jung Yunho. SNU. Law. Rich. First Year Trainee. Tan. Lean. Muscular. Tall. Handsome. Dazzling smile.

He had heard of this boy before, only the topic of discussion of almost every single one of his female classmates over the past 2 years since their entrance into the SNU law faculty, so much that it actually made Jaejoong do a google search on the Jung family - he had never bothered looking at photos, but he knew about their wealth, their expansive reach through Asia, and how their global influence. He had heard the string of words his brain had just rambled off at him fall from their mouths before as they spoke of SNU's golden boy who had finished off his degree the year before. It would explain, as Jaejoong thought, why the man had no problem dropping the amount of cash (though it was probably just loose change to the man whose family practically ruled Asia, and perhaps even part of the Americas), having even offered to round up the figure in their agreement - something which Jaejoong hadn't asked for, but also hadn't protested again.

"Jung Yunho, as in Jung Yunho who owns half of the entire Asia, that Jung Yunho?"

Eyes bugging out slightly as he let out the yelp, Jaejoong stared at the man sitting across him who offered him a sheepish, uncomfortable smile as he rubbed a hand along the side of his face. It was all the confirmation he needed as the stories of his overbearing parents, their resourcefulness and the subtle cautioning that Yunho had dished out all making much more sense - too much more sense that he did have liked it to. What on earth had Jaejoong just done? Or rather, who was he supposed to have just done? This was a disaster.


"I still can't believe you didn't tell me who you were." Jaejoog grumbled as he pulled his jacket around his body, stuffing his hands into the worn leather pockets. He had spent a good 20 minutes freaking the hell out about how he had just signed a contract with the devil's son, much to Yunho's amusement. He knew his mother wouldn't necessarily kill the boy, he wouldn't put it past her to make his life (their lives in fact) more difficult, but one thing Yunho was sure of was that his mother would be silent and measured in her handling of the situation. It was something he could bet his life on that she wouldn't blow up for fact that it would cost her something that was most important to her - her face. If it came to it, Yunho knew he always had his grandfather to count on. His grandfather had single handedly built up the Jung empire from what it had been when his own father had passed it down to him, he was ruthless in the business world, a killer in his own right, but he had been more of a parent to Yunho than his own had ever been. He had let go of the reins to the empire a good 15 years ago, taking a backseat, opting to travel across the globe with his wife, Yunho's grandmother, leaving the younger generation to rule their empire.

"Your parents are going to kill me. I'm never going to be able to live in any part of South Korea after they are done with me. Oh god, am I even going to have a place to bury my remains.."

"I never pegged you for scared."

"You are Jung Yunho, this is an entirely fucking different situation here."

"You aren't going to die."

"Really, how would you know."

"We aren't murderers."

"But you don't get to being one of the most powerful families in South Korea, no - in Asia just without being ruthless. I've heard stories you know, everyone has."

"You won't die."


"I'll make sure of it."





"I'm so screwed."


"Screwed I tell you, so. fucking. screwed."



"I promise."

"You didn't ask." Yunho pointed out cheerily as he looked at the sulking man beside him dressed in a leather jacket, over a checkered shirt, skin tight jeans and black leather boots that came up to mid-calf. They had possibly just entered into the most ridiculous arrangement of all time, based on a reason, that on hindsight, Yunho admitted sounded glaringly childish to an outsider who wasn't him, who didn't know him, wasn't in his shoes and didn't feel what he did.

"Well excuse me if I had bigger things to worry about." Glaring at the taller man beside him, Jaejoong wrinked his nose as they walked through the underground carpark. They were heading out for lunch, Jaejoong having insisted that they nourish their bodies after the trying morning they (or rather he) had. He had declared it a 'date', which meant that the (very amused) Jung heir would pay. Jaejoong wasn't one to use others for their money, but he was still currently quite flat out broke, his meagre pay from his shifts at the coffee joint he worked wouldn't be coming in till the end of next week, they needed to talk about the finer details of their engagements as well as get to know each other, and as his mind reasoned, he wasn't going to eat the man out of his home. "Which is your car?"


Veering to his left, Yunho came to a stop, his hand sliding onto the handle of the car door, the vehicle springing to life, unlocking itself from the sensors and contactless key that lay in his pocket.

"Nice." Jaejoong whistled lowly as he let his gaze run lazily down the pristine white A7 Sportback in admiration. "No Buggati for his highness?"

"I like cars."

Yunho did like cars. He wasn't a big spender at all, he wore designer labels, yes - but in fairness, it was all the man had ever known his whole life. His clothes were in fact, hardly picked out by himself, with his mother's personal assistant sending him suits when he needed them, and clothes whenever his mother saw fit. Yunho didn't particular revel in fashion, or trends, he wore whatever clothes he had in his closet on a constant rotation. He looked decent enough, normal, average, but thankfully his face outshone his sometimes questionable fashion sense. He didn't particularly drink all that much, or go to clubs, or even on fanciful weekend getaways. Yunho wasn't picky about food either, living by the mantra of whatever was quick, simple and easy. So really, the only indulgence he ever had lay in cars. Admittedly, it was a very expensive indulgence, but while his father looked at cars of more a status symbol, his grandfather loved cars and it was him who taught the boy about different models, engines and makes. Yunho could easily slide beneath the belly of a vintage car and know what he was doing.

A wide flash of pearly whites was the only response Jaejoong got as the man across from him broke out into happiest, most expressive, unguarded grin that Jaejoong had seen him wear just yet. It reminded Jaejoong of a gleeful, innocent puppy. Huffing the undergraduate rolled his eyes. What was that response - what did it even mean? It wasn't an answer to his question, just another one of those irritating statments he had realised the man was prone to. Well, they would have to change that.

"Do you?" The question, somewhat eager and laced with excitment cut through Jaejoong's thoughts. "Like cars?"

"I do, but I don't have one of my own," a pause as Jaejoong shot a somewhat envious look at the white vehicle before him. "My sister's all chipped in and got my a bike when I entered SNU though."

"Is your license for cars as well?"



"Manual." Jaejoong scowled at the underestimation.

"Have you gotten into any major accidents?"


"Drive often?"

"I got my first bike license at 16, managed to upgrade a class up when I turned 18 alongside getting my drivers license. I've been driving since then, I played chauffeur for a whole year after getting my license for my sister's and their entire planet of children, my duties usually pick up whenever I'm back home. Can we stop the 20 questions about my ability to drive now?"

His short ramble was met by a small black device being tossed at him - which he caught with much fumbling.

"You drive." Yunho's grin spread as he walked past the slightly shocked man, heading towards the passenger seat.


"You drive."


"Isn't it right for me to have my boyfriend drive me around." Eyes twinkling in amusement as he leaned forward, the edge of his elbow resting on the top of the car, having already managed to pull open the door of the passenger side, Yunho winked, husky laughter escaping his lips as he slid into the vehicle, ignoring a still flabbergasted Jaejoong. It was odd, slightly insane in fact, but there was just something about this entire arrangement and the thrill of it that gave him such a rush, it made him feel young, alive, excited - something he only ever felt on the sporting field. And there was something about this man in front of him, who despite still being very much a stranger, that made him more daring, adventurous, and dare he say expressive? Perhaps it was the man's infectious carefree attitude that was catching on. He was a straight, this was a contractual arrangement that happened to benefit these two individuals, he had just met the man, but Yunho could feel a strange warmth spreading from his insides - this was a strange situation, not at all how two people would ever meet, but perhaps they would make good friends just yet.


"So let me get this right, you have a black belt in Judo and Hapkido and I managed to bruise you?" Chortling in disbelief, Jaejoong lurched forward, peals of laughter falling from his lips as he slapped the tops of his thighs. He was just about the most unathletic person ever - he did a bit of running occasionally to clear his mind, would frequent the school gym (bitching and whining) when Changmin or Yoochun bugged him to follow along, but other than that, sports had never really been Jaejoong's thing. He had always been slim, with a fast metabolism - something his mother said was due to his inability to ever just sit quietly as a child - and moving boxes, furniture, cleaning up and being on his feet for majority of his shift at the coffee house which he worked at 3 nights a week had very fortunately for him led to a light dusting of muscle that his being slim accentuated.

"I was caught off guard." Yunho shrugged as he pulled his car to a stop outside Jaejoong's apartment.

They had gone for lunch at a simple home style korean restaurant that Jaejoong had drove them too - the man gleefully abusing the accelerator, taking adavantage of the torque power of the car, something he had never felt before in any of his sister's much simpler cars and the family station wagon. It was during lunch that Yunho had found out Jaejoong had eight older sisters whose ages ranged from being in their 30s, to the youngest of the lot being about 2 years older than the man. He was adopted, but didn't feel like he was. Jaejoong came from Gongju, allowing Yunho a splendid display of his dialect, but moved to Seoul 3 years ago, a year before University, was actually the same age as Yunho - in fact older by a few days (which had earned him a teasing "shouldn't you call me hyung" followed by a "I'm kidding - don't you dare rich boy"), hates coackroaches, has a thing for elephants, and would very much like to see the rest of Yunho's cars. It was an explosion of information that Yunho couldn't entirely digest just yet, but one thing he was sure of was that Jaejoong was a firecracker - the man was his own show, easily amused, always up for adventure and he never ever stopped talking, laughing, or moving. It was one of the reasons why Yunho suspected the man was actually not to perturbed, as anyone else might have been, about the entire situation they had gotten themselves into. In fact, he seemed rather excited to be putting on a show. The only problem, as Yunho had garnered and foresaw from his conversation with the man was his rather colorful past in 'fling' department.

"If you insist." Pulling out his cellphone (into which Jaejoong had keyed in Yunho's cellphone number before they had left the restuarant), he aimed the device at the Jung heir's chin and snapped a photo.

"Did you take a photo of my bruise?"

"I prefer thinking of it as a documentation of my glory," sniggering Jaejoong slipped the phone back into his pocket before unbuckling his seatbelt. "So, I'll see you around lover boy."

"Yup." Their agreement had stated that Jaejoong was to go on 'dates' with Yunho, or rather spend time with the man in the public eye at least 3 times a week, to attend functions with him as required, basically the purpose of the entire agreement being for them to appear as a real couple, to convince the world, and (piss off) mainly Jung Seoyoon that her son was not messing around.

"Call me." Leering at Yunho, only to watch the man clear his throat uncomfortably, Jaejoong smirked as he pushed his way out of the vehicle. Pushing the door shut he bent down to waggle his fingers at the driver before grinning and turning on his heel. He hadn't expected to be so okay with the entire arrangement - it was a little strange, but Jaejoong hadn't expected to like or be so comfortable around Yunho either. The man was a strange mix - he was a little too unexpressive, guarded and stiff at times, but yet, ever so often he would crack and Jaejoong would catch a glimpse of a shy, excitable soul. Yunho calmed Jaejoong, it was just something about the other man's steadfast presence, and somewhere halfway during their lunch, Jaejoong had found any complaints about how he was ever going to live this gay thing down dissapearing. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable with gays, or what people would think of him - he was Kim Jaejoong, and people had better love him for him, irregardless (or they were not worthy of him), but more of the issue of how the fuck he was going to find any form of sexual release. But as Jaejoong decided, he could live with himself - or, he would try.


Watching as the slim figure turned and begin a slow saunter towards his building, Yunho let his hand fall from the steering wheel to come to rest on his thigh. Frowning lightly as fingers traced a flat angular shape in his pocket Yunho moved his hand and put the car into park. He still had the student card he had picked up the night before.

Unlocking his car door and pushing it open (but not without first checking that no cars were hurtling down the street of course), Yunho unfolded his legs and stepped out of the vehicle as he simultaneously pulled the card from his pocket.

"Your card."

Waving the small plastic square in the air as the slim man paused in mid-step to look back at him, Yunho held the card out.


It was just something about the way the taller man looked, his face composed, managing to strike a balance between blank and yet slightly earnest that made Jaejoong's lips pull themselves into a smirk cum lopsided smile as he walked back towards the proffered card. Yunho hadn't offered much information of his family, preferring instead to listen to Jaejoong's continuous monologue, but from what Jaejoong gathered from the snippets he had managed to catch, along with his observation of Yunho, somewhere in the course of their afternoon together Jaejoong had made it his aim to wipe that blank look completely off the other man's face by the end of their arrangement.

"Thanks," plucking the card from his hand, Jaejoong met Yunho's gaze, holding it for a few seconds, his eyes twinkling with mischief before he rocked forward, raising himself slightly onto his toes to meet the slightly taller man's lips with his own in a gentle yet chaste kiss.

"There, now you have your first kiss." A grin as Jaejoong pulled back to note with much pleasure that the blank look had slipped off his face, to be replaced with shock. Laughing out loud as he reached out with a loose fist, Jaejoong punched Yunho's shoulder lightly, smirk filling his face as he drawled out his next words, purposefully teasing. "Drive safe Yunnie."

His laughter growing louder, and slightly uncontrolled, Jaejoong let out a little whoop before sprinting away towards his apartment block.
Chapter 3
oh_thexirony ;
Title: Love for Money [Chaos]
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Humor, Fluff
Length: Chaptered; Chapter 1 - Bloody Knuckles and a Bruised Jaw
Pairing(s): Yunho/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Junsu, Changmin/OC
Overall Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Rating for this Chapter: PG-13
Warning(s) for this Chapter: -

Summary: Jung Yunho is sick of following rules. He is sick of trying to be the ideal son to his parents, it is all he has done his whole life, and frankly he has had enough. Cue the entry of Kim Jaejoong who literally stumbles into Yunho one night on the streets, completely drunk and senseless. They get into a tussle, and all that is left behind after Jaejoong's departure which is as sudden as his appearance is a card, a student ID card of the Seoul National University. Yunho looks for Jaejoong the next day to return the card and comes to realize the boy is in trying circumstances. His brain cells move into action and an idea of sorts comes to mind. They draw up a contract, an act for money and Jaejoong becomes Yunho's pretend boyfriend, a contract boyfriend to help piss Yunho's family off and to stop the countless matchmaking sessions Yunho is forced to attend. However, with Jaejoong's colorful past sprinkled with different girls at every nook and corner along with the suspicions of Jaejoong's two roommates Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin and the curious Kim Junsu friend of Jung Yunho - their act has to be flawless for them to be believed. Flawless, realistic. Two straight males pretending to be gay, one love contract - just what will happen?

Kim Jaejoong was by no means a gambler, he did not have a gambling addiction, and yet here he found himself sitting in the smoky back room of a take-out restaurant, mouth agape. He had just lost practically the entire contents of his bank account in a stupid poker game. He had told himself he would stop at a certain point, but the buy-in itself had made his eyes widen and the need to chase what he lost even greater. It wasn't like the contents of his bank account were astronomical to begin with - but they did contain hald of his school fees for the year, almost his entire year's worth of rent money, and whatever allowance his parents and flock of sister's had thrown together for him.


Running his tongue over his top lip as his heart hammered uncomfortably in his chest, Jaejoong wiped his palms against his thighs, feeling the denim scratch against the pads of his fingers. He considered running, but as if on cue, he felt a meaty hand rest itself on his shoulder in a tight grip.

"Don't even think about kid." The man across him half laughed, half sneered as his goon tightened his grip on Jaejoong's shoulder, another one stepping forward. "They'll escort you to the nearest cash machine and you can pass them what you owe. Don't even think about running."

Watching as the man stood, only to pat the side of his waistband, Jaejoong gulped as he heard chunky gold rings clang against a metallic body, a gun. How the fuck had he landed himself in this position - the 22 year old honestly did not remember. He had started off the night with Yoochun, both of them throwing back beers at a seedy bar somewhere they had never gone before, but the next thing he knew, Yoochun had vanished, and here he was, playing poker with a thick cloud of alcohol swimming around his brain. He sure as hell had not noticed the extremely unsavoury company he had wandered his way into playing with - not until now.


"Yunho, you really ought to think about which department you want to start in next year. Of course, your father and I would like you to touch base with every department you possibly could before moving you to higher office, and you won't be starting too low either in these departments. But you should have a think about it, we are more than willing to give consideration to your preference." A pause as the voice lifted a wine glass to her lips, fingers delicately grasping the stem.

"I'm not starting next year."

"Of course, it would be ideal if you just start now, give up on the bar. I think enough is enough don't you? We've let you have your leeway and fun with law school-"

"I'm not giving up on the bar."

"-and don't you think its time to finally do what you were made for?"

"ENOUGH." It was uncharacteristic of him, and completely unheard of in the Jung household for anyone to raise their voices, especially at Jung Seoyoon.

"Excuse me." Seoyoon's tone had turned icy, her eyes narrowing as she placed the wine glass back on the table, gaze fixed on her son.

"I said, I'm not starting next year, neither am I giving up the bar - we've talked about this. I've told you before, I'm going to practice for a few years first."

"You mean your childish whims?" Seoyoon scoffed as she waved a manicured, jewel encrusted hand dismissively in the air. " They-"

"-are not chidish whims." Interrupting, his voice strained with frustration, Yunho sighed as he raked a hand through his hair. It was only the ten thousand time that they were having conversation, and every time it was the same bloody thing. When are you coming to the company Yunho, stop with the childish whims Yunho, give up on the bar Yunho. Every single goddamn time - she spoke, he listened, he spoke, she never heard. It had been that way for as long as he could remember - she said jump, and all Yunho ever said, all he had ever known to say was 'how high'.

Balling his napkin up in his lap, Yunho stood, the back of his knees pushing the plush velvet chair backwards. Throwing the square of cloth down on the table in front of him, the tall man turned on his heel silently, ignoring the words falling from his mother's mouth as he made his way out of the sickeningly extragavant dining room. Yunho had never done this before - never walked out when an elder was speaking, but enough was enough, he had once accepted everything unconditionally, no questions asking - but recently, he was starting to feel suffocated.


"FUCKING BRUTES." Shouting, his words slurring, as hands shoved him out of the back of the heavily tinted mini van, Jaejoong felt his shoulder crash into the pavement. They had drove him to a cash machine, forced him to empty his account of everything but a few pennies, and whisked him off to dump him in the middle of fucking who knew where.

Groaning as he rolled onto his back, Jaejoong stared up at the street lamp standing overhead. He was still drunk, he could feel it, the alcohol swirling around his mind, tugging at his sight, causing his body to throb in pain, but at the same time, numbing him. Just how the fuck had his night ended up this way?

Struggling to his feet in drunken stupor, the young man clenched his fists as he staggered forward, half in rage. Letting out a cross between a growl and a howl, he let his fist strike forward, blinding punching the concrete wall before him.


"What in the world.." brow cocking upwards as he brought his car to a crawl, Yunho watched as the man whom he had glimpsed lying on the road a moment ago (and half thought was very possibly dead) stagger to his feet only to make a lunge for the wall. The scenario that occurred next shouldn't have, but it made Yunho's lips curl in amusement as he watched the clearly drunk man jumped back in horror, hopping from one foot to another as he pulled his fist back only to cradle it to his chest, mouth moving rapidly, loud vulgarities that could be heard from the quiet inside of his A7, spewing from his mouth.

"Well you shouldn't have punched the wall." Mummuring to himself, voice tinged with amusement, the graduate manoeuvred his car parallel to the sidewalk, shifting the gear into park before climbing out of the vehicle.


"Hey, you alright?"

Jaejoong felt a pair of cool hands come to rest on either side of his arms, steadying him from behind as he transitioned from a maniac hopping to a unstable sway, a whimphering sound still tickling the back of his throat.

"Your hand is bleeding, and so is the side of your face." The voice that belonged to the cool hands that felt like bliss against his alcohol flushed body spoke gently, in a concerned matter of fact tone. "It was a stupid move, punching the wall." The voice chuckled and Jaejoong flinched, pain forgotten as the dreadful events of the night came flowing back.

Yes, stupid, he was stupid. Shoulders squaring as his body tensed, Jaejoong whipped around while dropping the fist he had been cradling in his other hand a moment ago. He was stupid, but who was this voice to tell him so?!

"You are the stupid one." Jutting his bloodied fist out to take a swing at the voice, Jaejoong all but roared, spit flying from his mouth.


Yunho was surpsised by the sudden turn of events as the shorter man turned violent on him, vaguely resembling a caged animal let lose. He wrinkled his nose slightly as the other man's fist came flying in his direction - he smelt of stale smoke and alcohol, a shitload of alcohol in fact, just how much had this guy had to drink? It was years of training in Judo, Hapkido and various sports that enabled Yunho to quickly slide himself out of the way with ease as he stared down at the drunkard who took yet another swing of his fist - this one which Yunho caught with a steady hand.

"A bit ungrateful aren't you." The taller mused as the light from the lamp above hit the face of the other man so that Yunho had an unobstructured, full frontal view of his face. Yunho was very much a hetrosexual male, but this man in front of him, he was well, gorgeous. Dark eyes that were glossy pools of black, red ruby lips whose default setting resembled a plush pout against fair skin - Yunho swore he could have been a girl.

"Stop looking at me like I'm a fucking girl," Jaejoong growled, struggling against the man's steady hold - god, he was strong. " I have a fucking dick you know."

"I wasn't..."

"Save it." The shorter snapped, deciding at that moment it was a good idea to swing his other fist at the man who had him in a vice grip. He couldn't entirely make out his features due to the shadows on his face, and also partially because Jaejoong found that he couldn't decide if the man had one face, or two, or three. It was as if a myraid of faces were pulling together before fanning out again, repeatedly. It wasn't that anyone had said out loud that Jaejoong looked like a girl, but spend your whole life with delicate features and soon you did realise that look when it came onto a persons face. Jaejoong hated it - something his mother had attributed to a childhood trauma that stemmed from his eight sisters shoving him into dresses, makeup, and heels all through his adolescent years before he got much stronger than them.

The second punch caught Yunho off guard, in the midst of wondering if he had just called the man gorgeous out loud. Knuckles grazed his the side of his jaw and Yunho scowled. How on earth did trying to help a poor lost soul translate to this? First his mother, and now this? He just could not catch a break.

Hand twisting lightly, but at an angle enough that caused the drunkard to howl in pain, Yunho gripped the man's fist even tighter, his voice steady, but having lost any sense of amusement. He was usually much more forgiving, but tonight just was not his night.

"I suggest you sober the fuck up, and go home before you kill yourself, or worse anyone." Letting go of the fist he was holding onto, Yunho took a look at the still swaying man in front of him - perhaps he had been too harsh. Biting down on the inside of his cheek, Yunho huffed - there was just something about that man that wouldn't let Yunho leave so easily, not when he was drunk and quite possibly out of his mind. Jung Yunho was not a guy to leave someone in the lurch. "I'll call you a cab."


Cab? He had no money to pay for a cab, eyes shifting from left to right, along the deserted street Jaejoong tugged at the pockets of his jeans. He was dead ass broke, and this man of multiple faces wanted to call him a cab? He had to get away. Leg jutting out to aim a swift kick at the man's shin, Jaejoong let out a yelp and a long drawn out war cry as he burst forth, his drunken senses suddenly becoming that of a sprinter as he ran into the night, the cool night air whipping against his skin.


Yunho isn't entirely sure what happens, as the whirlwind of a man sprints past him, into the night towards the direction of the main street that Yunho had just driven in from - well at least he was running towards somewhere. Lips twisted into a puzzled expression, Yunho looks down at his feet as he wipes his palms, soiled with the now gone stranger's blood against his jeans. Bending a knee, the graduate picked up a card - one that looked strikingly familiar.

Seoul National University
Kim Jaejoong
3rd Law Undergraduate (3 years / LLB Hons)

Lips twisting themselves into a smile of sorts, Yunho shook his head - well, what did you know, him and beautiful drunk boy had more in common than his blood on Yunho's jeans. Flipping the student card, but not before letting his gaze linger on the grainy photo of the man on the front, Yunho's eyes scanned the address he knew he would find on the flipside.


"Fucking hell." Jaejoong's throat was parched, and even with his eyes closed his head was spinning, throbbing and just pounding really. His limbs felt heavy and sore, so did every muscle in his body. Pushing his eyelids open with a frown and a strangled, low throaty sound, Jaejoong squinted as soon as he managed to open his eyes. Light, there was too much sunlight, where was he? What had happened last night? Would someone shut out the damn light?

"Well look what the cat dragged in." Changmin drawled out from his perch at the dining table. He had awoken about an hour ago, only to find his hyung looking very much worse for wear, passed out in the middle of their living room - on the floor thank heavens. He reeked of last nights alcohol and smoke, and his fist and side of his face looked like they were caked with a thin sheen of dried blood, his hair in what looked like knots. Changmin had found his hyungs (himself included at times), in various states of trashy over the last year, however this was by far one of the worst - Jaejoong looked like he had been dragged through an obstacle course.

"Help me." Was what the third year managed to croak out as he sought to lift his arms. He succeeded, arms raising themselves a few inches above the ground before landing back on the parquet with a thud.

"You owe me." A grumble as the younger, but very tall Changmin pushed the last of his cereal into his mouth before pushing himself out of his chair and padding over to grab his hyung both both hands.


Stroking the side of his jaw thoughtfully as he caught glimpse of himself in the rear view mirror of his car, Yunho frowned lightly. There was a bruise, not an enormous one -  but still a noticeable one, that had blossomed along his jawline over night, all thanks to one Kim Jaejoong. One Kim Jaejoong whose apartment he was now headed to, assuming the man had made it home alive.

Making a turn into the smaller lane off the main street, Yunho hummed knowingly as his gaze scanned his surroundings. He was in an area he knew well - most SNU law students littered the apartment buildings along this particular street, with the proximity from the law faculty and library being a short eqidistant from this area. Aparments here were not overly fancy, but they weren't derelict either - they were clean, modern and ideal for student living. He and his then room mates, Junsu and Junho had stayed in an apartment block along this very street just the year before. Smiling lightly at the memories, Yunho shifted his car into a parallel lot along the side of the road.



Frowning, his toothbrush midway out of his mouth, Jaejoong stared at his own topless reflection in the mirror, his brain crying out in protest at the jarring sound of the doorbell. He had been manhandled by Changmin into a cup of coffee and two painkillers before being pushed into the shower a good forty five minutes ago where he had been left to his own devices while his roommate had shouted something about heading out for class. A quick check of the mini digital wall clock just above the sink deepened Jaejoong frown. It was half past the hour, and no way could it be Changmin - classes began at the hour, and there was no where Changmin would be back so soon.

Spitting the toothpaste from his mouth, Jaejoong swirled cool liquid around his tongue, while simultaneously rinsing off his toothbrush before sluggishly pulling himself towards the door. He was still struggling to remember the events from the night before - his brain not having had the chance to nurse its hangover properly and recall just why the fuck he was aching so badly, and what that nagging, ominious feeling meant he got up to the night before.


Beep, Beep, Beep, Click.

Hearing the electronic lock being activated from inside, Yunho flipped the student card he had picked up the night before around his fingers as the door swung open to reveal Kim Jaejoong. Yunho let out a breath he didn't even realise he had been holding, at the sight of the very topless man who was well alive and kicking.

"Good to see you made it home in one piece."

A/N: Hai guysssss. I'm back after a super insanely long time wuhuuu. So, I'm trying my hand at writing again, and yes I will be continuing my other fics - so please don't ask me to for now, I will! Just enjoy this for the moment. I've really been excited to write this, and I know this is a fairly unexciting chapter, just an intro with no much to go on just yet - but I kind of wanted to try exercising my writing muscle (its been v long!) before delving into solid stuff, and also to see how well, or if this story takes at all! So, let me know what you guys think ok <3

Please forgive any mistakes/choppy sentence or writing, like I said, I really need to get back into the groove of things.
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Love for Money [Chaos]

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[Icon Credit: fandomlust]

Kim Jaejoong
22 years old / 3rd Year Law Student, Seoul National University

Kim Jaejoong comes from an average middle class family in Gongju. The only thing not so average about his family is the fact that he has eight older sisters. You see, his parents really wanted a son, and after eight girls they had almost finally given up, when their neighbour had told them of a young woman who had no means to raise a baby boy on her  own. Jaejoong doesn't remember his birth mother as far as he is concerned, and there really is no need to because the only parents he knows about are the ones that raised him.

He is a year older than the majority of his cohort because Jaejoong, the wild spark that he has always been thought it fit to work his way through a handful of odd jobs in Seoul to experience the city before begining his University (and most likely working) life there. A barista, bar tender, mechanic, car wash attendent, chef - you name it and Jaejoong probably has done it.

While intelligent enough, and quick on his feet, Jaejoong sometimes resembles a freight train with no brakes. He drinks too much, swears too much, smokes too much, has too many flings (he has never really settled down into a real relationships of sorts, it just feels too serious) and really just wants to live in the moment. Which is why, he finds himself having gambled away most all of his living allowance and rent for the year, as well as half of the school fees for his final year (it is only the start of the school year, goddamit) that his parents and sisters had thrown together for him one drunken night, all because of his damn ego.

Sure he works part time, but part time gives him a little extra money for drinks and cigarettes. Its his last year of law school and Jaejoong really can't afford to take on anymore jobs. He needs a cash line, and fast.

Jaejoong shares and apartment with Yoochun and Changmin and seriously has a thing against instant ramen and microwave dinners, which lends him to cooking for the two others more often than not.

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[Icon Credit: fandomlust]

Jung Yunho
22 years old / Graduate in Law, Seoul National University / 1st Year Trainee, South Korea's Judicial Research and Training Institute

Jung Yunho is pretty much the golden boy (literally so - just look at that tan). Good looking, atheletic, and the only son (of two children) from one of the wealthiest families in South Korea. He is intelligent, responsible, a gentleman and so nice that really no one could ever hate him. Sounds perfect doesn't it? Well, not to Yunho.

He has spent his entire life, following the 'path' set out for him (sans law school, which he had pushed for instead of going down the Business route, but that isn't much adventure now is it). Acting a certain way, doing certain things, but never deviating, never venturing even slightly off track, and frankly, he is sick of it. He is heard, but never listened to, and many a time, never taken seriously by his parents. Because he is Jung Yunho, what mistake could he make? What mistake dare he make? What mistake would he make.

He is sick of people fawning over him - men and women alike, old and young. Always expecting him to step up, to shine on the pedestal that everyone has placed him on,  thinking they are able to predict his every move, his every thought because he has always done things a certain way, and it is all just getting so stifling. He itches for adventure, for excitment, to really just live the life he has. Yunho is getting restless, and with each passing day he feels like he can't breathe. He knows who he is supposed to be, but yet isn't entirely sure if he knows who he really is, and he wants to discover that before his path is sealed for good.

Yunho has his own apartment in the city - a respite away from his parents, him arguing that he needed the space and quiet to study for his bar. He has dated before, and gone for countless matchmaking tea sessions set up by his mother and various aunts, but Yunho doesn't think he has really ever been in love.

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Park Yoochun
21 years old / 3rd Year Law Student, Seoul National University

Park Yoochun is the only child of two doctors living in Seoul. He hadn't been able to go down the medicine route, because the sight of too much blood, and the thought of having to push a scalpel through a living body freaks him the hell out. While he isn't Jung-wealthy, he comes from a comfortable enough background that pitches him above he average family.

Lewd in mind and jokes, Yoochun had met Jaejoong in their first year during their very first jurisprudence lecture where the lecturer, a feminist professor had veered off on her own tangent, ranting about phallic discourses in law. They had been seated beside each other, and a mummur of 'she needs one up her ass' as the professor started talking about sizes, and a chortled had caused Jaejoong who had been seated next to him to chuckle lowly - and that folks, was history.

Yoochun drinks almost as much as Jaejoong does, and the two are the reigning kings of drinking in the SNU law faculty. Yoochun shares an apartment with Jaejoong and Changmin. He can't cook to save his life and after the incident involving the flaming sausages while he was still living in the school dormitory in his first year, Jaejoong refuses to let him anywhere near a stove, or oven really.

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Shim Changmin
20 years old / 2nd Year Law Student, Seoul National University

Having grown up on Seoul, you could call Changmin somewhat of a city boy. He is snarky as hell and he won't let you forget it. He doesn't quite remember how he met Jaejoong and Yoochun because the first time he actually remembers meeting them, the three of them were topless, torso's covered in scribbles and offensive pictures made with a black sharpie (it had taken him a week to completely scub them off) and lying in a heap on his dorm room floor. They had never found where their shirts had vanished too, and were unable to retrace their steps because they had been so smashed the night before none of them remembered anything.

Nonetheless, a friendship between the three had spawed, and while close to his own year mates, Changmin had leaped at taking up the offer of staying with Yoochun and Jaejoong in his second year. The three had found a reasonably sized apartment within walking distance to the law faculty and never looked back.

Changmin's father is a lawyer himself, and his mother a housewife who had spent much of his younger years plying the young man with home cooked delicacies of sorts - because she loved to cook (and bake). While his mother does still send his younger sister over to visit every fortnight bearing boxes and boxes of kimchi and side dishes, and while Changmin does head home too often (for dinners), Changmin thinks that Jaejoong might just be the best thing that happened to his stomach.

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Kim Junsu
22 years old / Graduate in Law, Seoul National University / Student, Accelerated Buisness Diploma in Banking and Finance, Seoul National University

Kim Junsu made quick friends with Yunho in their first year of law school. They had tried out for the SNU soccer team (and made it), and once it had come to light that they were both in the same course, they were inseperable. Both as easy going as each other, and as atheletic with boundless energy to expand.

With his unique laughter, sunny disposition and how he never seems to worry about anything makes Junsu highly likeable. Everyone is his friend, and no one can really bring themselves to hate the smiley man. However, there is just one quirk about Junsu which everyone more or less agrees on - the fact that he might just be asexual. Aside from sports, soccer, video games, his twin brother, family, pet dog and friends - Junsu has never shown an interest in much else (i.e. love interests).

He and Yunho had bunked into a two bedroom apartment for their second and third year along with Junho (Junsu's twin). Junsu currently stays in a post-graduate dormitory while pursing an accelerated diploma specially catered for graduates - because he just isn't sure if law is what he really wants to do. His twin Junho has gone off to America for a two year masters programme in Chemical Engineering and the two spend an obssessive amount of time talking to each other through skype while playing various legions of computer games with one another.

Junsu's parents own a chain of highly successful fried chicken restaurants, cafes and dessert shops, and you would think that has turned the man off fried chicken entirely, but no, not really, he loves it.


A/N: So, this is a fic idea I've been sitting on forever and very excited to delve into!! I ~might~ add more character biographies as they come along, but for this story I think I'll stick to the 5 of them and let the chapters tell you the rest. I love writing out character biographies HAHAH (is that weird???) because I feel like they help me to clearly map out the characters in my head before I start writing.

If you were wondering why they are all in law school, welllll, I just have something for law!DBSK okay? ITS SO SEXY. And it really seems like something I could see them all doing. And well, maybe also because of the fact that I am a law student myself, and while sadly none of my cohort is even as sexy ;_; pretending that they could be just makes life feel better.

Anyway, as for the parts on taking the bar in South Korea, and anything to do with Seoul National University. I have almost NO idea how the system works in S.Korea, so I basically just used wikipedia to navigate my way through and ran with a vague idea of how one qualifies as a practicing lawyer in S.Korea. As for the choice of University in this fic, I kind of just googled 'Universities in Seoul' and came up with the whole
S.K.Y Universities' thing, so I just picked the highest ranking (which was SNU - did you know they are 31st in the QS World Rankings for 2014/2015 :o) and again, ran with it because smart!dbsk is just SO sexy.